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Multi-platinum songwriter, producer

and American troubador


With Divining Rod, Wyatt Easterling has boiled down his decades of experience as a songwriter, performer, and record producer into an artful collection of timeless, elemental stories put to music. Featuring contributions by a host of talented writers and accompanists, Wyatt has captured the gritty essence of daily living in a world of uncertainty while offering an optimistic vision of the possible, all underscored by an unerring knack for lyrical truth. A solid, masterful effort!

--Triangle Slim, WHUP

“Wyatt Easterling writes songs which transport you to a familiar feeling, or a good memory from the past. That’s what good songwriting does. It speaks to each of us in a familiar and friendly way. Wyatt has figured out a way to capture that in music and lyric. Listen to his songs, you’ll be glad you did.”

--David Sardinha, Six String Promotions

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