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Photography: Richard Beukelaar, Rotterdam, NL


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From Where I Stand

From Wyatt Easterling's new album "From Where I Stand." Filmed at drummer Mike Rosado's house with Thomas Anderson. Video production by Shaye Smith for Phoenix Rising Records.

Bigger Than Dallas

New Video Release: August 5th

Proud of What We Have Done

I have tried to show a balanced and even handed view of what's going on in our streets this summer with the protest, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. There are always two sides to any issue and here in America we all have a voice no matter what group or person(s) want you silenced. Only cowards attack from the shadowy mob and then retreat into anonymity. If you have something to say then say it loud and say it clear, voices without debate only hear themselves and that solves nothing.

Both Sides Now

Cover of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now

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