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Press & Quotes for latest album "From Where I Stand"

“Wyatt’s New Project From Where I Stand is a fine example of  his world class singing and songwriting chops. He plays these songs with a lot of heart and soul. It’ s a great album, so check it out”

- Paul Thorn

"An album of searing honesty and lithe beauty whose songs amplify the emotions and experiences of so many of us—reassessed relationships, self-reflection, and the ultimate search for hope. Its intentions are pure, as are those of Wyatt on this set of ten tunes of loss, resilience and devotion, with determination in the lyrics and buoyancy in the music." 

- Alan Cackett

"Easterling really can write a song that captures your attention the first time you hear it." 

- The Rocking Magpie

"Wyatt Easterling would be a revered addition to your music library. One of the year’s best." 

- John Apice, Americana Highways

"Some big-hearted melodies that rekindle the emotional strength of Bruce Cockburn and Jackson Browne." 

- Glide Magazine

" Easterling’s musical messages remain clear and effective throughout the disc." 

- Will Phoenix, HWY

"A solid set with tunes for our times, this is a solid ear opener that rings true."

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Dancing on the beach, easy music on the front porch, and Easterling’s thoughtful song on how to appreciate the small but important aspects of life make for a cool song and an even cooler video." 

- Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways 
(on the title track, From Where I Stand)

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