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Production & Artist Development

I’ve established a formula for approaching the studio that sets out a roadmap for tracking day and for vocals, background vocals, overdubs and mixing and even mastering. Because of my history and reputation in Nashville, I can call on the best of the best musicians, engineers, and studios. Of course, this is a huge bonus for my clients and the only way I choose to work. Why do it any differently when I can use the same teams used by the current biggest selling artist. In the end, it saves time and money for the client and the end result is always a world-class product. My method is to be prepared by honing the songs before they get charted. Also, knowing what the tempo and the best keys for the artist are is a must for the sake of time in the studio. The studio is not the place to experiment unless you’ve got a huge budget!


“As a producer, Wyatt was so organized and in control – the musicians recorded 10 songs in a day. In less than a week, the record was a reality!”


—  Clementine Volker, songwriter

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