Wyatt Easterling

A multi-platinum songwriter and producer, Wyatt Easterling is a master storyteller and nowhere is this more apparent than on his latest record, Divining Rod, the top #5 Folk album in the month following its release in 2017. Divining Rod has also been recognized as one of the top 25 folk albums of the year for 2017 by Back Porch Radio. This collection captures Easterling’s folk roots, carving hope from heartache while spinning tales of return, redemption, and reclamation. The art of folk is the story of the song and in telling his own stories, Wyatt tells the stories of us all.  With his smooth vocals and gritty lyrics, punctuated by intricate guitar work, Wyatt knows his way around a song and how to deliver it.

Photography: Richard Beukelaar, Rotterdam, NL


New Album Out July 29


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Easterling's career has been full of chart-topping songs including cuts with Dierks Bentley, Joe Diffie, Billy Joe Royal, Paul Thorn, Neal McCoy, Sons of the Desert, Robby Hecht and others but these days, Easterling is embracing the life of a troubadour, focusing his energy on bringing his music and his stories directly to his audience. His newest album From Where I Stand is out July 29, 2022.